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      ABOUT US

      Our Company

      JZ Carbon Advanced Composite Technology Co.,Ltd mainly provides manufacturing enterprises with integrated design, development, production and sales of carbon fiber composite products for domestic and foreign users
      With a number of patents based on carbon fiber products and advanced manufacturing processes and core technologies of carbon fiber composite products, it has successfully developed internationally advanced carbon fiber industrial robot arms, carbon fiber medical bed boards, rail transit components, etc. for many customers at home and abroad. A range of products.
      Products are mainly used in industrial robots and automation equipment, medical care, automotive lightweight, military and other fields. At the same time, we are also committed to meeting the needs of users in various fields in China.

      Video Promote
      Video Promote

      Why Choose Us

      Professional Guarantee

      JZ Carbon partition has been continuously improving, and gradually perfecting its own products.

      Quality Assurance

      We demand ourselves to the highest standards of the industry.


      We provide customers with more than just goods. We are committed to keep our value.

      Best Service

      We provide customers with more than just goods. We offer best customer service and keep promise.

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